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At Sunset Spa & Wellness Yacht Charters, our ocean voyages allow our customers to slip into the lap of luxury. Our Bal Harbor charters are here to let you indulge in spa treatments, massages, yoga, meditation, delicious organic food, holistic treatments, and more, helping you to slip away from the stress of everyday life and into the deep relaxation provided by the ocean. If you're searching for South Florida ocean voyages for you and your friends and family, you're in the right place. Let's take a look at what you can expect from our Ft. Lauderdale charters.

When you decide to use our services for a South Florida charter, we'll talk with you to help you decide which of our yachts makes the most sense for your needs. We have a yacht to fit every situation and party size, and we'll find the perfect boat for you. From there, we'll talk about what kind of gathering you have in mind. Whether you want something small and dockside, or a raging overnight experience at sea, we've got you covered. Looking for a shorter gathering? You may want to check out our sunrise and sunset options - the perfect way to get away for a few hours and enjoy the beauty of the sea.

After you book your charter, we'll talk with you about the experience you'd like to create on board during your charter. As a wellness organization, we're proud to provide you and your guests with many options to unwind and support your health while also enjoying each other's company. If you're on board with an active group, you might enjoy taking a yoga class. While you've likely taken some great yoga classes on land, there's nothing like going into a downward facing dog while you're surrounded by the deep blue sea, smelling the salt air, and feeling your stresses melt away. Prefer to simply have some downtime? Our on board massage therapists can work with you to create a personalized massage plan that makes sense for your body, and then get to work as you feel the worries and anxieties of everyday life fade.

If you're looking for even more zen, we encourage you to talk with us about our meditation options. Our meditation guides will work with you and your party to help you find calm and focus, and teach you how to take those feelings into your everyday life. Along with options that restore your body from the outside in, we're also here to help restore you from the inside out. Our vegan, organic, plant based food options are here to provide you the nourishment that you need. Our on board chef works to develop recipes that will leave you feeling fulfilled and energized. We believe that food is the best medicine, and it's important to us to use whole, fresh ingredients that will leave you feeling ready to take your life by storm.

If you're thinking about Bal Harbor charters as a way to connect with your friends and family, we encourage you to reach out to us. Whether you're interested in a half day, full day, or overnight option for your South Florida charter, we'll have a charter that can work with you to meet your needs. If you're not sure which option makes the most sense for your Ft. Lauderdale charters, we encourage you to reach out to us. We'll listen to your needs and your vision for your charter, then work with you to create a plan that will allow you to have the experience you want for your South Florida ocean voyages. At Sunset Spa & Wellness Yacht Charters, we're proud to work with our clients to provide amazing spa experiences at sea.




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