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Wellness Charters: All Aboard For Yoga

You know that you love how you feel after you leave a yoga class - imagine how great you'll feel after you leave a yoga class held on a yacht. At Sunset Spa & Wellness Yacht Charters, we're here to provide the wellness charters you and your friends crave. Our luxury wellness charters offer everything from organic, vegan food and drinks to massage, yoga, and meditation. If you're on the search for the perfect Ft. Lauderdale spa charters for your relaxation needs, we've got you covered.

Yoga is one of the most popular activities on our wellness charters. Many of our clients love to unwind at sea, flowing through a yoga class with one of our trained instructors as they feel the sun on their skin and breathe in the warm salt air. While yoga makes you feel great, there are also long-lasting health benefits to participating in the practice regularly. Let's take a look at why so many of the clients on our luxury wellness charters choose to make yoga a part of their daily health routine.

Flexibility increases with regular yoga practice. This doesn't just make you better at yoga - it makes you better at many types of exercise. When your body is flexible, you're less likely to sustain injuries, such as muscle pulls. This means that you can go harder in your workouts, getting more of a benefit out of the tough hours you put in at the gym.

Many people who practice yoga regularly experience improved respiration. Yoga focuses on the breath, and how the breath can be used to support healthy muscle movement. People who practice yoga regularly know that even the first few breaths of a yoga class can help remind them how great it feels to actually breathe in a way that provides the body with the oxygen that it needs. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it can be easy to forget to stop and take a breath. Yoga helps you get into the habit of breathing correctly, and in a way that fuels your body and increases your energy.

Many people who practice yoga regularly have an easier time staying at a healthy weight than people who do not practice yoga regularly. There are several reasons for this phenomenon. Yoga does burn a significant number of calories, especially in practices that involve a fast flow and strength work. In addition to this, yoga calms the mind and helps people let go of the stresses of day to day life. This can increase levels of cortisol in the body, a hormone that sometimes causes the body to hold onto dangerous fat around the midsection. The calming effect of yoga can also help people to make food choices based on what will fuel their body, rather than experiencing sugar and fat cravings due to stress. These factors combined can help people who practice yoga regularly reach and maintain a healthy weight.

if you're ready to check out our Ft. Lauderdale spa charters, we'd love to talk to you. Reach out to Sunset Spa & Wellness Yacht Charters today to learn more about our current availability.




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